Vivaldi Wines


Amarone, Ripasso and Appassimento: three great wines for special moments and special people. These wines will enchant with their aromas and flavours and are the most precious of gifts, gracing the most refined tastes and the most prestigious tables. Vivaldi Premium wines tell the world of Valpolicella with a modern and elegant voice.

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Irresistible for its elegance and personality, Amarone Classico Vivaldi is great for its simple complexity. A wine that never ceases to amaze and has conquered admirers worldwide thanks to its character.

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Veneto Wines

The best expressions of the vineyards and the incredible biodiversity characterising the Verona area and its vocation as a land of great wines. Modern, never predictable and able to adapt to every formal and informal situation, Veneto wines perfectly compliment every day with a unique combination of accessibility, quality and style.

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The vocation of a land, Valpolicella, and its exceptional wines that have won over enthusiasts and connoisseurs all over the world. The essence of these hills is in its vineyards, in its crus and in the thousand expressions of its grapes. Valpolicella means the diversity, richness and tradition of some of the most desired and sought-after wines in the world.

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